Make Cumbersome Work Easier with the AeroCreeper

adjustable height airplane creeper

Working under equipment daily can be tiring and damaging to your body. Having the right protective tools and ergonomic seats will help make working on automobiles and planes much easier. 

The AeroCreeper is designed to adjust to every height you need for a job. You can use your new AeroCreeper as soon as it arrives because it requires no assembly and can be adjusted to your specific height and project needs.

Mechanical Work Can Damage Your Body

Physical labor puts more strain on your body than just normal daily activity. Using the AeroCreeper can help you save yourself from bodily injury and help limit the pain that can come from working underneath boats, planes, and cars. 

Here are some issues that can occur when you are bending, crouching, or reaching: 

  • Spine misalignment: Having bad posture or sitting in weird positions for long periods of time can lead to bulging discs and spinal misalignment. Misalignment can lead to back pain, nerve pain, and a limited immune system.
  • Neck and back pain: Dealing with neck and back pain can make leisure activities painful. Neck and back pain can lead to headaches and fatigue on a daily basis. Limiting neck and back pain is done by having good posture and body ergonomics.
  • Arm and joint injuries: Working under equipment will almost always require awkward positions and uncomfortable reaching.  Working in these positions for prolonged periods of time can result in injuries and chronic pain.  Working at the right height and the right reach distance will reduce pain and injuries.

AeroCreeper Works For Cars, Boats, And Planes

When we were developing the AeroCreeper, we wanted to make sure that a wide variety of industries could reap the benefits of an adjustable creeper. With adjustable heights and ease of operation, our creeper can be used on commercial planes, private jets, small boats, cars or trucks, tractors, and other large equipment. 

The AeroCreeper seat-heights range from 5 ¼” to 20” but more importantly, the shoulder-height adjusts from about 5-1/4" to 40" allowing a person to work from about a foot and a half up to to 5 or 6 feet (depending on how tall you are.) This range gives the AeroCreeper an edge over the competition because of the range of height it can be used at. 

Details Matter

The details of a product matter when it is being used daily, which is why AeroCreeper has worked to refine the details of this adjustable product so it is the safest and best quality possible. The AeroCreeper is made in the USA and is thoroughly inspected before it ships to you. 

The AeroCreeper has automatic locking positions so that you can stay firmly in place while working. No bolts or pins to hassle with to ensure the seat stays in place. 

Our seat is made of comfortable material so that you can work for hours on end. The AeroCreeper is made with 1” thick quality foam with a high resilience structure. These cushions combined with the adjustable positions make working on your aircraft much more comfortable. 

More About Our Company

The AeroCreeper was born out of necessity. Travis and Joel Hendrickson designed it for a customer that couldn’t find the right creeper/chair to clean under his plane.  The design is extremely durable and will last in your hangar or shop for years to come. The AeroCreeper has helped thousands of people work with less pain and discomfort and we want to help others enjoy working again. Have additional questions? Read our common FAQs here or contact us to learn more.