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Easy to Operate

Operating the Aerocreeper is simple and intuitive.  To raise, simply lift the backrest.  To lower, pull the seat up then lower backrest to desired height.  The AeroCreeper automatically locks into place. 

Greater Height Range

The AeroCreeper lowers down to 5 1/4” and extends up to just over 20” in its highest position, so you can reach all those hard to reach places on your aircraft.

Heavy Duty Design

The AeroCreeper is made from high quality materials including 1-inch square steel tubing with 1/8-inch wall and holds 350lbs. 

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Automatic Locking Positions

The AeroCreeper automatically locks into position when the desired height is reached.  No locking pins or bolts.

Multiple Accessories Available

Customize your AeroCreeper with the available headrest, tool tray, cup holder or larger casters. 

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