Common Industries That Use The AeroCreeper

Common Industries That Use The AeroCreeper

Mechanics and repairmen work hard to service a variety of machines. Working underneath these machines can lead to chronic pain or pulled muscles when you are not situated properly. Industries that use the AeroCreeper will be able to better limit body pain.

The adjustable height creeper, or AeroCreeper, can help you comfortably reach whatever you are working on. While the AeroCreeper was first made for the aviation industry, there are other industries that use the AeroCreeper for their daily work. Wondering if the AeroCreeper can work for your business? Read below for more about different industries that have seen the benefits of our design. 

1- Aviation

The most common industry that utilizes the adjustable height creeper is aviation. The chair was originally designed to help pilots better work on their planes without discomfort. 

Working on planes is a complex task that can involve twisting, bending, reaching, etc. Using the AeroCreeper can help pilots or aviation mechanics avoid back or neck pain. The chair has 10 adjustable heights ranging from 5 to 20 inches, so you can reach multiple heights and mechanics of a plane. 

2- Boating and Marine

Since the AeroCreeper can adjust through multiple heights, working underneath a raised boat is also possible. Boat grinding, sanding, finishing and cleaning the hull of a boat can be extremely difficult without the right equipment. AeroCreeper can help you maneuver to all different areas with ease. 

The AeroCreeper doesn’t require assembly, so once it arrives at your boating shop, you can begin using it instantly. Each project can begin quickly and be completed sooner with the ease of the AeroCreeper chair. It rolls easily, is portable, and simply adjusts to different heights to work on sailboats, fishing boats, or recreational boats. Industries that use the AeroCreeper see better bodily function and faster project completion. 

3- Farming or Agriculture

Large tractors, swathers, cultivators, and loaders all need to be ready to go when your crops are ready to harvest. Farming and agriculture are industries that require finesse and timely response times. Many farmers will take on the mechanical work on equipment themselves, so having the AeroCreeper can help them avoid injury that could prevent them from farming. 

The agriculture industry contributes largely to the luxuries we enjoy daily, so helping out their industry in any way possible is important. The AeroCreeper can be a great tool to have around your farm to help you with mechanical or other tasks around livestock or buildings. 

4- Automotive

Mechanics of all industries can utilize our mechanical chair. The AeroCreeper can be used in the automotive industry as well as others. Working on cars can be a career or a hobby for many people and the AeroCreeper can make it much more enjoyable. 

Working underneath automobiles to repair, maintain, and service them requires a well-lit space, a well-ventilated area, and comfortable positions. The AeroCreeper helps limit injury and back pain for those that work as auto mechanics every day. 

Why Choose The AeroCreeper

No matter what industry you work in, you can find the benefits of the AeroCreeper. The chair was designed with 10 heights so that you can be comfortable no matter what project you are tackling. The AeroCreeper is durable, easy to operate, and portable. Industries that use the AeroCreeper say that it is the secret to maintaining all their equipment painlessly. 

The father and son team of Travis and Joel Hendrickson designed this mechanical creeper to be used in the aviation industry, but now we are seeing it across the world in multiple industries. If the benefits sound appealing to you and your business, order yours now.