Replacement Caster ( Heavy-Duty Locking)

Replacement Caster ( Heavy-Duty Locking)

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The locking brakes are available on all 4 varieties of casters (standard 3" and heavy duty 3", 4" and 5"). It is recommended to add two locking casters of equal size and quality to both front legs of the AeroCreeper if the locking feature is required. 

Standard Caster: 3” x 1” ball-bearing caster, with TPR (rubber) tread, rated at 120 lb dynamic load per caster.

Heavy-duty caster: 1-1/4" wide ball-bearing caster, with TPU (urethane) tread, rated at 250 lb dynamic load per caster. The wide wheel and larger swivel improves rolling on rough surfaces. The urethane tread is more chemical resistant and more resistant to picking up metal chips and rivets. (Please note: replacing the standard casters with the heavy-duty casters will increase the AeroCreeper height by ⅝” with the 3" casters, 1 ⅝” with the 4” casters and 2 ⅝” with the 5” casters.)

This caster has a 1/2" diameter stem. To replace casters with 3/8" stem (pre-Oct 2018 models), the holes will need to be enlarged.